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Rick Jarusauskas
Service Manager,
Hamco Heating & Cooling Ltd.

“So far, the Techs have taken to the new On-Line version. There is a learning curve involved in the transition from the Printed Manuals, given the smaller format used on our mobile devices, but it is a minor adjustment process. We appreciate the larger database of repair prices available on the On-Line version and the more frequent updates to the system with added repair pricing, and pricing revisions where costs on components have proven to be on the increase."

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Tim Wolfe
Branch Manager,
Sparling's Propane Co. Ltd.

“Our customers like the fact that they know the cost of the repair prior to it being done and no surprises when they get the Bill. This supports the honest approach to business that we relay to our customers. Accounts Receivable also likes the fact that customers usually pay the Invoice to the Technician, or if they don’t, there is at least no questions later about acceptance of the services rendered."

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